Saturday, 20 April 2013

Free Download PC Game Grand Theft Auto GTA San Andreas - Full Rip Version

Free Download PC Game Grand Theft Auto GTA San Andreas  - Full Rip Version
Hmm I want to share tips for all of you. and this time I will discuss about the game GTA: San Andreas.

ok now read and take note of what I wrote ~ _ ~.(Recommended for the cheaters do not follow these tips because already there cheat itself)

1. at the moment we are just playing the game, if you need a gun please search under the bridge where you start later (early game save you, behind her Sweet) and the weapon there is Tec9
2. for those of you who need money to eat, buy weapons, armor, and others. kill a handyman "crack".appearance wearing a black bra, yellow sweatpants. and usually drop the money is not more than $ 600.
3. weapon should you include in your inventory (mandatory). * Police Pistol, Shotgun SnawOff *, Tec9 *, M16, Sniper Riffle, Hand Granade, Knife.

* Note: these weapons if it reaches the level of Hitman (Skills using the full arms of masing2 weapon you are using) can be used for more than one. so it means you can use the two simultaneously.

3. In any case, especially in a shoot fight, if the use of weapons close category Machine Gun (Tec9, Uzi, etc) and get used to ducking. so if the enemy over long distances (long range) using a weapon category Riffle (Sniper, m16, etc) and keep ducking to increase accuracy Shot.

4. You can increase the capacity of Health Bar (red) and often to the Gym (treadmill to train stamina) or how fast to play the Mission Hospital (Ambulance car use)

Note: if you want to play the mission Ambulance advised to be in a remote location so that we ngangkut victim not far away.

5. to increase the capacity of Armor Bar (white) play Vigilante missions.
6. when you successfully complete the mission territory for territory (which means gang warfare) you try to recruit gang members frequently and to be able to add you as a gang member you have to attack the reputation of the bar so high that you can recruit a maximum of 8 people (and you are so 9 people)
7. nah territory you'd be good at making money than you can get in your house (near his home Sweet) and use the money to purchase the property.


Pass : frankenstain sofware



  1. bang mau tanya
    kalo misal mouse gak berfungsi wktu maen GTA knp ya?
    pdhal udah di setting mouse + keys